Summer Trends - Cropped Pants & How To Wear Them

Summer Trends - Cropped Pants & How To Wear Them

One of our favourite trends this Summer is the cropped pant! If you're looking for a great, cooler alternative to full-length pants,  but not interested in sporting shorts all season (we're not always in the mood to show off our legs!), the cropped pant is the perfect fit.  With this trend taking off, there's so many different styles available, and so many ways to wear them.

Our Embellished Pull-On Gaucho Pant is a perfect example of how to wear the crop trend in the office, or to a more formal event. A wider leg dress pant keeps this look classy, while the side embellishments and crop add a stylish flare.

The Embellished Pull-On Gaucho Pant available online now for $90. Our Zip Trim Denim Capris are casual, cool,and the perfect Summer pant! These pants are super trendy with a higher crop, and a zip-trim detail on the hem. Dress them up or down for Summer nights out, or for a relaxed Summer day!


The Zip Trim Denim Capris are available online now for $85.



This trend can be worn with almost anything! A blazer or blouse for work time, a simple t-shirt, or a flowing tank like @fabulousafter40 is wearing here! She is wearing our Petite Zip Trimmed Jeans in white with our Chiffon Overlay Long Tank.


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